Гастрономический тур по Валенсии, наа котором вы попробуете лучший хамон и другие испанские тапас

Valencia Food & Travel Guide


I am Daria. I fell in love with Valencia the day I visited this city for the first time and I have called it home since 2010.

I hope my thoughts on local food and my travel tips will enable you to discover the authentic Valencia, its real soul…


Valencia Food & Travel Blog


How To Order Coffee In Valencia

With so many local takes on coffee in Spain the number of this addictive drink’s names in Spanish regions can be overwhelming. Use this guide to learn...

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5 Ways To Keep It Cool In Valencia In Summer

From May through September, Valencia’s summer may get almost unbearably hot. Day time temperatures oscillate between 30 and 40 degrees C (85-105 F), sometimes higher....

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How To Get From Valencia Cruise Ship Terminal To City Center

If you are arriving in Valencia on board of a cruise ship, you must be wondering what the best way to get to the...

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What Is Paella & Where To Eat Paella In Valencia?

Paella is the most famous dish from Spain, but what is the authentic paella and where to eat paella in Valencia? You will find...

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What To Buy At Valencia’s Central Market

If you are new to Valencia, it may get overwhelming to find yourself amongst all the market’s produce abundance. Read this post to learn...

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12 Interesting Facts About Valencia

Thinking about visiting Valencia? Here are some interesting facts you may enjoy learning about. This underrated destination has been growing popular year in year out. So get...

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Valencian Ceramics: All There Is To Know

Valencian ceramics, or Ceramics of Manises, is part of the beautiful legacy left behind by the Moorish culture. Valencia’s town of Manises is the regional...

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How Far Is Valencia From Madrid?

Valencia is only 355 km (200 miles) away from Madrid by car. There are also multiple high-speed trains zipping between Valencia and Madrid on a...

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Guide To Transportation In Valencia

Transportation in Valencia is quite easy to navigate. In this post you will learn about the best ways to move around the city and about how...

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3 Essential Shore Excursions In Valencia, Spain

Arriving in Valencia on board of a cruise ship and have little time to uncover the must-see parts of Valencia? Here are 3 essential...

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3 Must-Do Day Trips In Valencia, Spain

From precious little coves to stunning little towns, it seems this region has it all. If you have already explored the capital, don’t think twice...

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Valencia Travel Blog & Valencia Food Blog.

Where To Stay In Valencia: A Guide To Areas With Insider’s Tips & Photos

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Uncover the best areas to stay in Valencia, depending on the purpose of your visit. Whether you are coming...

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why take a tapas tour in Valencia - read on this subject in this post.

Why Take A Tapas Tour Off The Beaten Path In Valencia

Did you know that tapas is much more than just “small plates”? In this post I list 5 top reasons why you should not skip on a...

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What You Need To Know Before Visiting Valencia

From iconic landmarks to best areas to stay, from how to get around to must-have foods. Here is all you need to know before...

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Unique cultural walking tours in Valencia are plenty, but in this article I have picked 3 tours that I have tried and liked.

3 Unique Cultural Walking Tours In Valencia

From food-fueled itineraries to quiet cultural corners, Valencia is a dream culture destination. Take a unique cultural walking tour to discover the vibrant local traditions....

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