125 Things To Do In Valencia, Spain

Looking for tonnes of things to do in Valencia, Spain? Discover a list of 125 fun & authentic things to do to help you experience the amazing Valencia! 

This post was originally written on September 30th, 2016. It was updated with fresh content on April 6th, 2017.

Use this endless list of things to do during your stay and you will never run out of ideas!

A procession during the Fallas Festival.

  1. Eat Valencian paella in a traditional setting – for example at Casa Carmela. No doubt, this is one of the most authentic things to do and you should not skip it! If you are in Valencia in winter, try the unique winter version of paella!
  2. Take a boat ride on Lake Albufera – 10 km away from the city.
  3. Climb the 206 steps of Micalete tower adjacent to the Cathedral.
  4. Visit the neogothic Basílica San Vicente Ferrer.
  5. Visit the biggest European fresh market – the Central Market.
  6. Check out the Modern Arts Museum of Valencia – IVAM.
  7. Go for a jog in the former river bed – nowadays a huge park – Jardines de Turia.
  8. Enjoy 100% Iberian acorn fed ham at the best jamón spots of the city.
  9. Take a paddle boarding class in Marina Real Juan Carlos I.
  10. Go for a short hike from Chelva – see the 2nd cent. Roman Aqueduct Peña Cortada.
  11. Bathe in the hot springs of the gorgeous Montanejos Park.
  12. Experience the authentic local food scene by joining a small group food tour.
  13. Visit the underground river in Caves of Sant Josep in Vall d’Uixò – a 40 minute ride.
  14. Relax in Malvarrosa beach or in El Saler beach.
  15. Watch the Tribunal de las Aguas – Valencia’s 1000 year old water irrigation council. If you are in Valencia on a Thursday, this should definitely be on your list of things to do!Eating Spanish cured ham jamon is one of the must things to do when in Valencia.Iberian ham and chorizo at Casa Montaña.
  16. Shop the boutiques in Poeta Querol street and in the streets around Mercado de Colón.
  17. Walk around the historic center of the city and relax with a glass of wine at one of its terraced restaurants.
  18. Visit the cage-free zoo – Bioparc, for a safari-like experience.
  19. Take a paella cooking class.
  20. Check out the artisanal chocolate factory in Sueca.
  21. Go on a trip to the adjacent town of Alboraya, where tiger nut grows and horchata is at its best.
  22. Visit the City of Arts & Science and its aquarium – the largest in Europe. This is one of the best things to do with kids.
  23. Go into the City Hall and take in the square’s view of the city from its main balcony.
  24. Have a traditional spicy eel and potato stew – all i pebre – at one of the traditional restaurants.
  25. Visit the ceramics museum inside the barroque Palace of Marqués de Dos Aguas.
  26. Relax in Park Cabecera and, if you  have kids, take a ride on the lake.
  27. Visit the Museum of the City’s History.
  28. Spend your afternoon in the beautiful Botanical Gardens and check out the big collection of cactus plants.
  29. Shop and relax at the iconic Columbus Market – Mercado de Colón.
  30. Eat Valencian-products based foods at one of the restaurants by the renowned local Chef Ricard Camarena.Things to do in Valencia includes tasting plenty of local wines, including such exclusive to this region grape as Bobal.1932 wine bar where my guests and I get exclusive access for wine tasting on my Hidden Gems, Wine & Tapas Tour.
  31. Visit the district of Cabanyal and admire its unique art nouveau architecture.
  32. Go for dinner in the alternative district of Ruzafa and stay for drinks.
  33. Visit the port and take a photograph next to America’s Cup headquarters “Veles i Vents”.
  34. Have dinner at Sucede restaurant at Caro Hotel among the 12th century city walls of Valencia.
  35. See the foot prints of dinosaurs on a rock in the town of Alpuente – about an hour away from Valencia.
  36. Play golf in one of the best courses in Europe – in El Saler.
  37. Tour the MotoGP circuit in Cheste.
  38. Check out one of the historic rural houses of Valencia called barraca and have one of the traditional rice dishes – at La Genuina.
  39. Admire La Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange). Without a doubt, paying a visit to this unique secular Gothic building is one of the things you must do in Valencia!
  40. Check out the souvenir shops to take back home something from Valencia, maybe even something yummy.
  41. Visit some of the ninots (papier mache figures erected on the streets of Valencia) during the Fallas Festival.
  42. Visit the Museum of Ethnology in Valencia to learn about the traditional crafts of this region.
  43. Take a day trip to Peñíscola where a part of the Game of Thrones TV show was filmed.
  44. Play volleyball in Malvarrosa beach during summer months.
  45. Try the local baked goods at one of the bakeries in Valencia.Do not missing out on Mercado Colon - visit this iconic market for a glass of cool horchata or for an amazing lunch or dinner at one of its terraced restaurants.Mercado de Colón is the iconic Columbus Market full of restaurants and cafés.
  46. Climb the Moorish caves in the rocky mountain in Bocairent.
  47. Have a nap on a warm summer day – siesta!
  48. Visit the medieval town of Albarracín – 2 hour drive from Valencia.
  49. Go to the Horno Del Rosario bakery in the town of Paterna (from 1829) and buy yourself the unique patented Moorish pastry cachap.
  50. Drink an autoctonous Valencian wine – Bobal (red grape varietal).
  51. If you are in Valencia on the 5th of January, watch the Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos procession.
  52. Visit the archeological complex of L’Almoina with Roman ruins from 138 B.C. onwards.
  53. Have the local mussel “clòtxina” at La Pilareta (from May through August).
  54. Watch the gorgeous sunset by Lake Albufera.
  55. Have a piece of juicy Spanish tortilla at Bar Alhambra in Valencia.
  56. Have a seafood rice at one of the restaurants in the rice production hub El Palmar – for example at L’Establiment – an authentic experience and one of the top things to do for foodies.
  57. Have a local take you on a Valencian bbq escapade torrá.
  58. Visit the medieval village of Vilafamés and find the gigantic rock in the town center.
  59. Have a lavender infused lemonade at Blue Bell Café.
  60. Visit the picturesque beaches in Javea –  1.5 hrs away from Valencia.There are some quite beautiful beaches in Valencia. One of the most stunning ones are located near Javea.A beach near Javea, Valencia.
  61. See the prehistoric cave paintings in Tirig – about an hour away from Valencia.
  62. Splurge on gambas de Denia (large red prawns from the nearby town of Denia) at one of the seafood restaurants in Valencia.
  63. Go on a hike from Canet Lo Roig to see millenial olive trees.
  64. Have brunch at Dulce de Leche in Ruzafa.
  65. Climb Torres de Quart and see the pocks from the Napoleon’s troops cannons.
  66. Have seafood (and don’t mind the {locally tolerated} grumpy service) at Tasca Angel in the old quarter of Valencia.
  67. Take an empty bottle and have it refilled with the herby and sweet vermouth on barrel at Casa Montaña.
  68. Have Mexican inspired tapas at Orígen Clandestino.
  69. Visit the alternative cultural hub Fábrica de Hielo.
  70. Check out the former gate that separated the Moorish part of the city from the Catholic one – at Port de Valldigna.
  71. Go shopping on Colón street.
  72. Rent a bicycle and bike your way through Valencia along the numerous cycling lanes of the city.
  73. Shop for natural and organic products at Herbolario Navarro.
  74. Visit a nearby village of Denia – its colorful waterfront, and eat the typical in this area arróz de bogavante – lobster rice dish.
  75. Go inside Estación del Norte for a glance at the wonderful mosaics of the train station.Spanish staple sweet snack - buñuelo de calabaza. Delicious with hot chocolate!Traditional way of frying pumpkin fritters buñuelos de calabaza, at Horchatería Fabian.
  76. Visit the round square in Valencia’s Old Quarter – Plaza Redonda.
  77. Shop at pop-up stores at Mercado de Tapinería.
  78. Take a photograph against the medieval architecture backdrop on Plaza de la Vírgen.
  79. Check out the narrowest building in Europe – next to Tasquita La Estrecha.
  80. Visit Artespiga bakery for artisan bread and other baked goods.
  81. Visit the Iberian settelments in Llíria – an hour away from Valencia.
  82. Climb the Torre de Serrans for a panoramic view of the city and check out its occasional expositions.
  83. Visit the recently renovated interior of church Iglesia de San Nicolas de Bari.
  84. Spend the afternoon in “the Little Venice” – Port Sa Playa.
  85. Eat an all natural ice cream at one of the artisan shops in Valencia – such as Heladería Gran Vía.
  86. Visit the Fallas museum to see the best lifesize papier mache yearly voted to be saved from being burned down.
  87. Enjoy Parque Gulliver with the kids.
  88. Visit Lladró porcelain manufacture and shop.
  89. Go to opera at the City of Arts and Science.
  90. Relax at Jardines de Monforte. One of the relaxing places in Valencia is Jardines de Monforte - a small park tucked away in the center of the city. Jardines de Monforte. Image credit: Victor Ferrando
  91. Cross the flower bridge – Puente de las Flores.
  92. Watch locals shop at Mercat de Russafa.
  93. Visit the castle of Sagunto where Punic Wars took place – an hour away from Valencia.
  94. Have a meal at one of the restaurants where Ernest Hemingway ate.
  95. Visit the little museum of Tossal to see the Moorish wall of Valencia from the 12th century.
  96. Have your kids discover science at Museum of Prince Philip – at City of Arts and Science.
  97. Visit a match of the local ball game – pilota valenciana – at Trinquet de Pelayo.
  98. Shop at Aqua shopping center.
  99. Visit the historic building of El Almudín.
  100. Have classic local tapas at the vibrant oldest restaurant in town – Casa Montaña (est. 1836).
  101. Take a stroll in America’s Cup port and stop by the historic shipyard of Valencia – Las Atarazanas.
  102. Visit the Museum of Rice in Valencia.
  103. Have the local cremaet coffee for breakfast.
  104. Have the local dish titaina during the Maritime Holy Week in the district of Cabanyal.
  105. Have Valencian citrus fruit or freshly squeezed juice, such as the sweet Valencia oranges.Filled with quirky bars, galleries, shops and restaurants this tiny neigborhood is now the trendiest in town. Ruzafa neighborhood.
  106. Hanging out at one of the chiringuitos – the beach bars –  is one of the most relaxing things to do during summer!
  107. Visit the former monastery Centro del Carmen.
  108. Take an in-house guided tour of the Opera house.
  109. See a flamenco show at Café del Duende.
  110. Take a hot air balloon ride and see parts of the Valencian Community from above.
  111. Join in on the mocaorà tradition on the Valencian holiday on October 9th.
  112. Drink a shot of frosty local liquer Misteleta at the end of your meal.
  113. Visit the medieval town of Segorbe.
  114. Visit the historically significant castle of Xátiva and have a pan of local arròs al forn for lunch.
  115. Admire the works of such artists as Goya and El Greco at Valencia’s Fine Arts Museum.
  116. During colder months try unique local pumpkin fritters buñuelos with hot chocolate at Horchatería Fabian.
  117. Take a picture on Puente del Mar bridge.
  118. Visit the self-sustainable Palacio de Congresos – the best Congress Hall in the world as voted in 2010.
  119. Spend 3 days in Valencia discovering its must-see places.
  120. Walk around a tiny old village incorporated into Valencia – Campanar district, around Parroquía de Nuestra Señora de La Misericordia.
  121. Visit the Moorish inspired baths Baños Árabes in Valencia – a unique 14th century building. One of the best things to do for history lovers.
  122. Go into the Main Post Office at Plaza de Ayuntamiento and have a look at the beautiful interior and ceiling.
  123. Walk along the green alley of Gran Marqués del Túria and find the gigantic fig trees.
  124. Join the locals in having a glass of red during the Valencian breakfast almuerzo – for example at Puerta del Mar restaurant at Carrer Transits 4.
  125. Watch the street processions next to the Cathedral of Valencia, with some medieval dancing during the Corpus Christi holiday at the end of May.

Have fun exploring all the things to do Valencia has to offer and join my culture-rich food tours! My guided walking tour take you to historic taverns to eat like a local!

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Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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