Best Coffee Places In Valencia

You probably know that coffee is a national drink in Spain. After all, Spaniards are so addicted to it that they consume multiple cups of espresso daily! So stay away from the aluminum capsules and discover the best coffee places in Valencia: from cozy cafeterias to 3rd wave specialty coffee hotspots!


Coffee lovers have a lot of options of where to go for great coffee in Valencia. The best coffee places are probably the 3rd coffee wave hotspots.


Trendy Coffee Hotspots

Dulce de Leche

Apart from the tantalizing coffee aroma that fills this space, Dulce de Leche puts on display tonnes of homemade delicious cakes and pastries. Indeed, it is simply impossible to go away without trying one of their spectacular sweet creations!

Note that this outstanding shop has 2 locations in Valencia: one in Ruzafa and another one in Jesus street.



A hipster locale in Ruzafa, very popular with caffeine lovers. Of course, since here they only serve specialty product!

If the weather is nice, take a seat in the tiny and cozy backyard surrounded by lush green plants. And this is also a top place for brunch on the weekends.


Some of the best coffee places in Valencia are located in Ruzafa.

Best Specialty Coffee Places

Retro Gusto

Two ladies – Paula and Martina – run this little stand inside the Central Market. See for yourself, this is one of the best coffee places in Valencia, as the founders have taken their obsession with café to another level.

Firstly, they calibrate their (numerous) machines in the morning and throughout the day. And secondly, the ladies try to control all the variables: the temperature, the time it takes for the water to sip through the grinds… And they refuse to serve beans that were roasted over a month ago!


Coffee Time Artisan Roasters

This is an adorable stand located inside the Ruzafa market. Local residents cherish this high quality shop. They supply their delicious roasts to some of the restaurants in the neighbourhood.

Here you can sample various preparations and even subscribe to their monthly coffeebox.

Fashionable coffee hotspots in Valencia usually also sell pastries and serve brunch.

Mayan Coffees

You can find this bold cafeteria not far from Torres de Quart. Óscar, who runs it, is a native to Guatemala. And he has a very interesting story to tell about how he discovered his passion for coffee far away from home.


If you would like to try the various coffee preparations, have a look at my post on how to order coffee in Valencia.


The aromatic caffeine laden drink tastes even better after filling your tummy with delicious food and wine. So why not join us on a food tour in Valencia? On this tour you will discover the trendy Ruzafa and its glorious establishments. Hope to meet you and show you the gems in this beautiful area of Valencia!

Daria Gushchenkova

Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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