7 Restaurants Open On Monday In Valencia

Truth be told, it’s not easy to find a nice place open on Monday night in Valencia, because most restaurants close down for dinner on Monday. It’s useful to know that the opening times are also different in Spain. So discover 7 restaurants open on Monday, where you can have a satisfying meal after a long day of sightseeing! 


It is not easy to decide where to eat dinner on Monday in Valencia, as you will find the majority of the restaurants closed. Ca Duart is one of the restaurants that serve delicious creations in a warm atmosphere, which is open on Monday.

Ca Duart restaraunt in Cánovas district. Photo credit: Ca Duart


Ca Duart

The owners are devoted to using only seasonal products here. If you want to have a delicious dinner on a budget, this place will hit the spot.

Among other dishes they make Valencian rice here. Set menus are available.

Dinner starts at 8.30 pm.


Crudo Bar

Crudo bar is open on Monday for lunch and dinner. This informal restaurant specializes in seafood.

Octopus on a pillow of purple mashed potatoes on Crudo Bar’s sunny terrace.


Right across from the Central Market there is a cozy informal restaurant where they use fresh seafood for delectable preparations.

There are several sections in the menu, one is dedicated to raw seafood. For example, ceviche and a typical Valencia’s tapas dish esgarraet. Unlike the traditional version with salt cod, here this simple but delicious dish is based on raw cod.

Crudo Bar opens at 8 pm for dinner on Monday and boasts a streetside terrace.


La Salita

One of the top restaurants for dinner that bravely keeps the doors open on Monday!

What’s special about this place is that its creator Chef Begoña Rodridgo feels a deep passion for cooking (and has won an important national culinary challenge!). At La Salita you will eat her delicious and fun creations in a cozy and warm setting.

Dinner starts at 9.00 pm and reservations are a must.


Ma Khin Café

At Ma Khin you can choose from a wide range of Asian inspired dishes. The chef has dedicated this restaurant to his Vietnamese grandmonther!

A quiona salad and oysters in the background at Ma Khin Cafe.


If it’s Asian fusion flavors you are after – go to Ma Khin, which hides in the belly of Mercado Colón.

Open from 1.00 pm until midnight.


Casa Montaña

A history-filled gem and probably the most respectable tapas bar in Valencia (established in 1836).

Here you will be able to choose from tonnes of traditional regional and national tapas. Casa Montaña’s wine cellar is one of the biggest and varied in the city.

Dinner as of 8.00 pm. Reservations for groups – a must. Otherwise get in early to get a spot by the bar.


Cafe Federal

Scandinavian setting with huge windows and lots of lights. Cakes are so delicious here.

Cafe Federal’s vibes.


You’d rather have a quick bite in the Old Town for dinner on Monday? Check out this spacious and airy restaurant with big windows.

Sandwiches, burgers, salads, smoothies (and a nice selection of cakes!).

Open all day long: from 9.00 am until midnight.


La Finestra

Finally, for an early informal dinner on Monday in a low key joint go to La Finestra.

The pecualiarity of this place is that you are not the one who decides what you are going to eat. You read it right! You only get to decide how many of the ridiculously cheap individual sized pizzas you want to order. But you cannot choose the ingredients! Whatever pizza the Italian chef feels like serving will pop up on your table.

But the pizzas here are really delicious. And if you are not on Spanish meal schedule yet, they open early – at 6.00 pm.


I hope this list helps you find a place of your liking for dinner on Monday in Valencia. And if you consider yourself a foodie join my food tours! With me you will only visit authentic traditional establishments that few tourists get access to, taste great food and wines and discover real hidden gems!

Daria Gushchenkova

Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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