Best Restaurants For Early Supper In Valencia

Early supper is highly uncommon among locals in Spain and it’s not easy to find a suitable place in Valencia. Here are the best restaurants for early supper to go to, if you get hungry before the official dinner time in Spain!


The best restaurants for early supper in Spain are basically the cafeterias that are open all day and that have been serving traditional fare prepared with love for many generations.


Generally the type of places you will find open at about 7 pm are taverns and tapas bars. They start heating the stoves just after 7 pm. So why not get some tapas – shareable plates of varied food and accompany them by a glass or two of wine?


La Pilareta

La Pilareta is one of those classic spots that has been welcoming locals and tourists for decades with its delicious traditional tapas.

Local mussels clóchinas – at La Pilareta. Image credit: Jason Raish

This Old Town tapas bar decorated in the manner of old-world Spain serves Valencian traditional food and delicious tapas all day long. Its most famous among locals for its clóchinas – local mussels that are in season between May and August.



Cerveceria Acuarium has been around since 1957 and its current owners started as waiters in this classic locale.

The 1957 decoration is still there at Acuarium.

Another classic spot. This bar is frequented by locals in search of the exemplary cocktails and small plates of simple food made of fresh and prime ingredients.


Bodegas Gargallo

Early supper in Spain means going to a lovely tapas bar that is open all day and have a nice plate of Iberian ham or other shareable tapas, always washed down with a nice wine.

Bodegas Gargallo’s delectable ham selection.

One of the best restaurants for early supper – my favorite! They specialize in Spanish ham jamón, but the menu goes beyond pork products. A good selection of wines and all sorts of delicatessen: from premium olives in brine to the best Spanish cheeses.

Bodegas Gargallo is one of the stops on my delicious wine & tapas tour, where among other yummy treats you can learn and taste different types of Iberian ham.


Bar Vermúdez

This little restaurant tucked away in Ruzafa is a great option for an early dinner.

Delicious spicy potatoes patatas bravas at Bar Vermúdez.

Andalusian influences weave their way through the menu at this Ruzafa bar. They also specialize in Spanish vermouth, so be sure to have a taste of this back-in-fashion bitter-sweet herbal drink.


Tasca Angel

Sardines at Tasca Angel and the rest of the seafood menu are so cheap and satisfying. You cannot go wrong with this place for an early supper in Valencia.

The famous sardines at Tasca Angel.

This well-traversed bar has been around for a long time. Its main focus is on fresh seafood, which is also quite cheap here. So gorge yourself silly with the house specialty – grilled sardines!


Best restaurants for early supper in Valencia are mainly long-lived tapas bars that have been serving classic fare to the loyal local clientele for decades. If you like to eat like a local, join me on my informative and fun food tour!


Daria Gushchenkova

Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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