Las Fallas Food: What To Eat & Drink During Las Fallas

Las Fallas food comprises the most beloved regional eats. The festival is about the coming spring, getting rid of the old and reuniting with the friends over a “paelleta“. So don’t miss out on the big part of the celebration! Find out what to eat and drink during Las Fallas – and fit right in with the locals!


On average, 2 million people visit the city during this colorful festival.

Celebration peaks between March 15th and 19th: you will see falleros (the Fallas association members) cooking a paella over woodfire in the streets.

While outsiders cannot partake in this activity, worry not! You will eat a darn good paella in Valencia anyway.


Rice Dishes To Eat During Las Fallas


Needless to say, Valencian paella is the most popular Las Fallas food.

The traditional paella with chicken and rabbit is the dish of choice during this holiday. But you can also order a variation of the dish with seafood – paella de marisco.

Paella de marisco. Image credit: 82manumanu


However, there are dozens of delicious traditional rice dishes that comprise Las Fallas food. Even a different one every day, if you wanted to!

Check out the most typical rice dishes of the Valencian cuisine below.


Arròs al Forn

Arròs al forn. Image credit: soniaena


Oven-baked rice with pork belly, local sausages, potatoes, tomatoes and garlic, cooked in a clay dish.

This is a fatty dish with rustic flavors that can be surely qualified as the ultimate comfort food.



Arròs a Banda

Another popular dish is the light saffron rice with savory bits and pieces of squid, prawns and fish.

Cooked in a wide and shallow paella pan arròs a banda was historically deconstructed into broth and rice and served separately, hence the name. Nowadays it’s one solid dish.

A variation – with seafood peeled and chopped up – is called “arròs al senyoret”.

Arròs a banda. Image credit: martinpleal


If you fancy a mixture of short noodles and prawns, go for fideuà!

A popular eats in the coastal town of Gandía south of the city of Valencia, this also makes for a filling lunch with an intense seafood flavor!

Fideuà. Image credit: elvaradero


Street Food To Eat During Las Fallas

After satiating your Fallas sightseeing craving, have bunyols! They are the most typical sweet snack that you can eat during Las Fallas.

Pumpkin fritters being fried at Horchatería Fabian.


Irregular-donut-shaped fritters bunyols have ground pumpkin as one of the ingredients. The best ones are light and not too greasy!

Where can you eat great bunyols during Las Fallas? The best spots are the horchaterías of the city (Santa Catalina, Fabian, Collado are the most famous ones).

Otherwise, get them at the pop-up tents in the streets. Get a cup of hot chocolate along and enjoy!


What To Drink During Las Fallas

A very typical sweet fortified wine made of Moscatel (Muscat) grapes. Enjoy the intense Moscatel fragrance and then take a sip. Order un chupito de mistela (a shot of mistela) after your meal… and you might just be taken for a local!


Las Fallas food represents the most traditional and locally loved fare. If you love delving into the local culture through its cuisine, my cultural walking tours!

Daria Gushchenkova

Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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