7 Best Edible Souvenirs To Buy In Valencia

No doubt, edible souvenirs are the best kind of souvenirs out there! Whether you would like to take a delightful piece of Valencia home for yourself or give an edible gift to your loved ones, this post will help you identify the most authentic souvenirs. Learn about the most delicious local edible souvenirs and where to buy them!


It is fun to take home some of the best edible souvenirs from Valencia. You can get your hands on the most authentic souvenirs at the Central Market, of course. Another great location for edible gifts is Original CV shop located in front of the market.


1. Turrón

One of the must-buy edible souvenirs in Valencia is definitely turrón. It is an almond and honey nougat that comes in easy-to-travel-with packaging.

The Moors, who ruled in Valencia for 5 centuries, left this brittle behind as a legacy. The most famous high quality nougat comes from towns of Alicante and Casinos.

Before buying make sure to check out all the different flavors available. There are so many and they are all delicious! But the most authentic souvenirs would be the classic crunchy Alicante style or the soft Jijona version.

Or better yet, get a variety of bars and put them together in a nice package, or buy a pre-made assortment.

Turron is a Christmas treat that is nowadays sold all year round. Its production hub is in Alicante and Casinos.

Turrón Alicante style (above) and Jijona style (below). Photo by: Lablascovegmenu


2. Chocolate-Covered Macadamia Nuts

Without a doubt, Valencia is big on nut-based sweets. The macadamia nuts in a sleek long black and gold box are simply heavenly!

Get them at Turrones Ramos – a little shop in the Old Town.

3. Chocolate-Covered Orange Peels

Did you know that the orange kind Valencia was named after this city, because it was so famous for its sweet oranges a couple of centuries ago?

This fragrant sun-colored fruit is simply emblematic here, so get your hands on the orange slices bathed in dark chocolate!

4. Tiger Nut Based Products

Tiger nuts originates from Africa, but today the best quality ones grow in Alboraya, Valencia. It's an emblematic local product, so tiger nut products make a wonderful edible souvenir.

Horchata with the typical pastry fartón. Image source: Núria


One of the most authentic souvenirs is, of course, anything made with tiger-nut. Tiger-nuts grow in Alboraya, just north of the city. This nut’s local name is chufa.

It is ground up to makes delightful horchata drink, oil and even gin!


5. Marcona Almonds

Marcona almonds are Valencia's top product known internationally. Makes a great souvenir!

Marcona almonds – Valencia’s best! Photo by: Jonathan Pincas

The industry unanimously agrees that the Marcona almonds are the best. And since they grow in Valencia, why not take some home?

This healthy snack makes for a delicious edible gift!

6. Rice Liqueur

Licor de crema de arróz is a sweet and thick liqueur made with rice. If you like sweet alcoholic drinks, this one makes for a nice post-meal shot.

Rice liqueur can be found in smaller bottles, which are easy to carry in your checked-in luggage.

Consume it very cold!


7. Paella Making Kit

Valencia and paella go together. So why not take an edible gift of paella kit home!

Valencian paella with chicken and rabbit. Image credit: Pasquale


Last, but not least. What is Valencia without paella? Give your friends the ultimate edible gift! Challenge your loved ones to try their hand at making paella valenciana (with chicken and rabbit).

You can get a nice paella making kit at Original CV.


Where to buy edible souvenirs:

The Central MarketEl Corte Inglés SupermarketTurrones Ramos (turrón, chocolate covered goods), Original CV (a great local produce shop for authentic souvenirs).


Shopping for edible souvenirs in Valencia can be a lot of fun! Just make sure to check the markets and shops opening hours beforehand. And if you like discovering local culture, join me on a food tour! Learn about the local off the beaten path areas and taste delicious and authentic tapas and wines!


Daria Gushchenkova

Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.
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Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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