5 Most Romantic Places In Valencia

The charming city of Valencia offers tonnes of romantic things to do. It is a very nice and walkable city, a great option for couples who look to spend some quality time together. Here are 5 of the most romantic places in Valencia!


Valencia is a place filled with romantic places. One of them is undoubtedly Lake Albufera, where you can not only take a pleasant boat ride but also enjoy one of the most stunning sunsets ever.

Sunset at Lake Albufera. Image credit: ilovepics11



1. Monforte Gardens

These beautiful lush gardens are located within a short walk from the Old Town.

Classic sculptures, a flower tonnel, lots of green and beautiful landscaping make it one of the most romantic places in Valencia!

Jardines de Monforte opens from 10.30 am until 6.00 pm in low season and from 10.30 am until 8.00 pm in high season (from March 21st through September 20th).

Even if you are visiting Valencia on your own, make sure to visit this beautiful space.

Romantic places in Valencia are plentiful. You just have to know where to look. Take this Monforte garden for example, visiting which is one of the most romantic things to do in Valencia.

Jardines de Monforte. Photo by: Antonio Marín Segovia



2. Plaza de la Vírgen

One of the best romantic places in Valencia is this plaza.

Plaza de la Vírgen. Image credit: CIBM Valencia


This centric square provides a setting for one of the most gorgeous photography shots of the Medieval Valencia.

In addition, the beautiful fountain and the many outdoor restaurant terraces invite to relax and enjoy the moment. So why not order a glass of wine (or Agua de Valencia) and do just that?

No doubt, one of the romantic things to do in Valencia is to take a picture of yourselves in this stunning square.



3. The Beach

El Saler is one of the most beautiful wildlife beaches as it features dunes and plants.

El Saler Beach. Image credit: anroir


With mild winter weather, I must admit, we are lucky here in Valencia! Even though swimming in the sea is too cold in winter, you can enjoy the beach any time of year.

The large sand strip of the Malvarrosa beach is one of the most romantic places to visit in the city.

Malvarrosa is the city beach and it can be accessed by metro. The many bars along the promenade, where you can stop for a drink, make it a nice option for a leisurely stroll or a pleasant jog.

The other nearest beach is located just south of the city. If you have a car or don’t mind taking a short taxi ride, head to El Saler.

It is part of a protected natural park. The star of this beach are the dunes and wild plants that have been allowed to gain back terrain after beach construction was prohibited years ago.



4. La Marina Real Port

La Marina Real in Valencia offers a setting for a very romantic night stroll.

The Marina Real port at night. Image source: Guillermo Baixauli


Marina Real Juan Carlos I port is comparatively new. It was built out a few years ago for the America’s Cup event.

Day or night, this intimate port is pretty quiet.. Which makes it one of the most romantic places to take a nice stroll and see some of the most luxurious yachts out there.

In addition, the striking white Veles i Vents building dominating the port houses some great restaurants. By the way, check out my post on the most romantic restaurants in Valencia!



5. Albufera Lake

Albufera lake offers one of the most memorable sunsets you will ever see.

L’Albufera. Photo source: Concepcion Muñoz


Explore rice paddies and the lake within a short taxi ride from Valencia. Take a tranquille boat ride on the lake, where you will be able to observe wildlife, such as water birds.

In the summer watching the amazing sunset from the pier here is one of the most romantic things to do in Valencia!

Albufera is also one of the best places to eat an authentic Valencian paella and other traditional rice dishes.

Please note the bus routes going to Lake Albufera may be confusing, I would recommend taking a cab.


Enjoy Valencia’s most romantic places, and if you would like to give your couple a gift of a semi-private walking tapas & wine tour, book online!

Daria Gushchenkova

Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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