Top 7 Reasons To Visit Valencia

Until a few years ago visiting Valencia was unjustly placed on the backburner. But in recent years people started to be tempted to visit Valencia. The set of unique landmarks, the sunny climate and the diversity of things to do are finally discovered by more tourists every year!

Visit Valencia for a relaxed beach holiday or a cultural trip. The city has lots to offer!

The Agora building against a rural house. Image by Gary McNair



1. The City of Arts & Sciences (La Ciudad de Las Artes Y Las Ciencias)

This is the main attraction in Valencia!

Millions of visitors from all over the world enjoy Europe’s biggest aquarium Oceanográfic. Also, the IMAX theater Hemisféric, the Opera house and the Prince Philip’s Museum.

The city of arts and sciences is one of the biggest reasons people visit Valencia.

Hemispheric – one of the buildings of the City of Arts & Sciences complex.


Notably, the complex was made to blow people’s minds. And it does!

Before opting for one of the various shows you can take a guided tour. Or simply take pictures against the astounding white nature-inspired edifices.



2. The Mediterranean Climate

The sunny climate attracts millions of people to Valencia year in year out.

Valencia city beach. Photo credit: Werner Wilmes


Whatever season you choose to visit Valencia, most of the time you will find plenty of sunshine.

As for the temperatures, they are pleasantly warm in spring and autumn. In winter they rarely drop below 10 degrees C (50 degrees F).

Valencian summers are perfect for a beach vacation. Temperatures around 35 degrees C (95 degrees F) or higher are guaranteed.



3. The Food

No doubt, with its strategic location on the Mediterranean, one of the reasons to visit Valencia is its food!

Not just because one of the very few 3 Michelin starred Spanish restaurants is located in the Valencian Community (in the endearing town of Denia)! Valencia is sometimes called “Europe’s garden”. So many of Europe’s fruit and vegetables come from Valencian land.

Though paella is the star of the local cuisine, it is far from being the only dish worth travelling to Valencia for. The fresh local product and the cuisine of such renowned local chefs as Ricard Camarena and Begoña Rodrigo attract food lovers to Valencia.


Paella is the most famous Spanish dish that originated in Valencia. And here is where you will eat the best one.

Valencian paella.


Seafood fans will appreciate gambas de Denia – a local red prawn. And clótxinas – local mussels that are sweeter and tastier than the counterparts from Northern Spain.

Valencia is the land of sweet oranges. Did you know the Valencia orange variety was called after this Spanish city? Because it was a city famous for its sweet oranges!

So enjoy fresh oranges or freshly squeezed juice. Or if you feel like having a drink, order a glass of Agua de Valencia!



4. The Holy Chalice

Valencia Cathedral holds religious treasures.

Valencia Cathedral.


Those who adhere themselves to the Catholic religion might find it intriguing to pay a visit to the Holy Chalice. They keep it inside of the Valencia’s Cathedral.



5. The Nature


Valencia is a nice mixture of modern and rustic. While there are high rise buildings in the cities (the tourist mecca Benidorm trumping them all), on the outskirts you can observe the simple life of people living off land.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons why you should visit Valencia is its beaches!

Ambolo beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Valencia. Its totally worth a visit!

Ambolo beach near Javea, Valencian Community.


In fact, there are 586 blue flag beaches in Spain. This is a distinction for cleanliness and facilities available. And 125 of them located in the Valencian Community!

Furthermore, there are both sandy and rocky beaches along the Valencian coast. If you love beach life, don’t miss out on such scenic beaches as those near Javea or Peñíscola!


Peniscola is a fun day trip destination in Valencia.

Peñíscola town in the distance.


Also, with numerous stunning nature destinations the possibilites for a day trip out of the city are endless!



6. Visit Valencia… for its prices?

Valencia´s plaza de ayuntamiento city hall square has a few prominent building such as this Main Post Office beautiful edifice.

Valencia’s Main Post Office at twilight.


First of all, a little practicality never heard anybody! So it’s worth mentioning that one of the things to know before visiting Valencia is that it’s cheap.

Indeed, you can stay at really nice hotels or apartments for a ridiculously low price. And you don’t have to spend a lot to eat great.

So if you are looking for a monumental, diverse and beautiful destination on a budget – visit Valencia!



7. The Fallas Festival

Visit Valencia during Las Fallas festival and you will understand why locals love it so much!

A street long LED decoration during Fallas in Valencia.


Have you heard what happens during Fallas? It is a fun (and may I say, deafeningly loud?) Valencian festival.

In fact, it is the biggest street party in Europe and, as of recently, part of UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage list!

So why not visit Valencia from March 15th through 19th to live one of the craziest massive parties!


If you decide to visit Valencia and you would like to get to know the local lifestyle, join me on my food tours! They are more than just food, but also an insight into Valencia’s history and culture!

Daria Gushchenkova

Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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