5 Valencia’s Traditional Foods That Will Surprise You

Valencia’s traditional food is a symphony of fresh produce from the plentiful surrounding gardens combined with the top quality seafood from the doorstep Mediterranean. Trying Valencian paella is a must, but why not dig deeper! Discover these 5 intriguing foods typical of the region.


Valencia traditional food changes from one province to another, from coastal regions to inland regions.

Arnadí – an ancient Arab dessert, typical of Xátiva in Valencian Community


1. All i Pebre

The hot and spicy eel stew all i pebre is one of Valencia's most Traditional Foods. It is a beloved dish especially in the towns south of Valencia.

All i pebre – eel in spicy broth with potatoes. Image credit: crislocha


This soupy and satisfying rich dish is very typical in the towns on Lake Albufera, just south of the city.

The fatty eel is sourced fresh from the lake and is cooked in a slightly spicy sauce. The most widely spread way of serving it is with boiled potatoes.

For the best experience, eat it freshly made and in colder months!



2. Arròs Negre

Valencia's Traditional Foods include this black rice made with squid ink, that is so delicious with a glass of crisp white wine in the summer!

Squid ink rice. Image credit: nunjourney


Some may think that calling this dish a “black paella” is a good idea, but locals don’t find it amusing. This squid ink rice is called “arròs negre” (or “arroz negro” in Castilian Spanish), and as far as Valencians are concerned, that’s the only way it should be called.

If you love seafood flavors and you are served a proper arròs negre, you will be surprised at how delicious this weird looking  dish is!

Try it at such emblematic traditional restaurants as L’Estimat (on Lake Albufera) or Rausell (not far from the Old Town).

Love seafood? Check out this post on the traditional tapas in Valencia!



3. Arnadí

Pictured above, this is one of the most ancient traditional desserts in Valencia – an imprint of the Arab culture that once blossomed in this land.

This tasty pumpkin based dessert with a striking look is nowadays topped with almonds in a fashion that represents Christ’s crown of thorns.

Find it at old school restaurants along Malvarrosa beach, Cabanyal district and in the town of Xátiva, where it’s most popular.



4. Bunyols de Carabassa

Valencia's Traditional Foods during Fallas is bunyols de carabassa.. Soft and fragrant delicious and satisfying snack!

Pumpkin fritters with hot chocolate. Image source: pilu_fontan


Bunyols de carabassa is one of Valencia’s traditional foods. Made the right way, they are surprisingly satisfying! You must try them piping hot right out of the frier.

The best place for it is Horchatería Fabian. Order a large cup of the great thick Spanish hot chocolate to accompany your bunyols. Watch locals dip the beloved fritters and saying què bo! (“so good!”).

This spot gets overcrowded during the Fallas Festival. During the holiday you can get bunyols from many pop-up tents in the city center (but they will not be as good as at the place mentioned above).



5. Cremaet

Cremaet coffee is one of Valencia's Traditional Foods, loved by the older generation especially. Drink it in winter!

 Cremaet Coffee. Only in Valencia!


Cremaet is a locally loved coffee beverage with alcohol. It is a staple of the Valencia’s traditional cuisine. The preparation of each cup of bold deliciousness takes up to 5 minutes! No wonder it’s not easy to come by.

Order it a long-lived place such as La Pascuala, Casa Carmela, Rocafull, El Trocito del Medio, Bar Marvi.


So let yourself be surprised by the explosion of taste with these Valencia’s traditional foods! And if you would like a guided tour to taste more of Valencia, join us

Daria Gushchenkova

Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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Spain lover living in Valencia. She runs food tours in Valencia and writes about Spanish cuisine & travel in her blog.

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